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Pina (film)

Pina (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Wim Wenders,  the excellent German director whose work I have been following for a few years, took a great challenge: doing a tri-dimensional film without the usually prescribed formula of fiction, special effects, and a high sale of tickets at the box office.  The result was Pina, the magical account f the work of an important German choreographer of Modern Dance.

  I should start by saying that the film was so well done that it could be enjoyed from the first rows, like I did.  I got to know the world of an artist I knew so little about until then, and I was captivated.  The movements were sensual and melancholic; tender and horrific, erotic and discrete, all at the same time.  The surrounding elements of cities, gardens, jungles and theatres were an amazing complement,  and made the viewer feel that s/he was there with the dancers, as well as with Pina’s ghost!

  But not happy with taking the 3-D beyond t

“Pina”, un Film per Pina Bausch [screenshot de...

“Pina”, un Film per Pina Bausch [screenshot del video] (Photo credit: Promo Blog)

he realms of special effects and fiction Wenders made the documentary more human by showing us, at times,  just the faces of the dancers with an overdub of their thoughts about their beloved teacher.  This brought the documentary such an ethereal warmth that almost all of the other three-dimensional outings playing at the movie theaters lack. 

  All I can say is that Pina is an experience no cinephile should miss.  It is a 3-D work that will likely change the way you look at the tri-dimensional experience.

  Pina is currently playing at the IFC Center in Manhattan


A man and a woman performing a modern dance.

A man and a woman performing a modern dance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. It’s also important to know Pina died while they were making the film, so the grief of the dancers is very much available to the viewer I think

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